• Birthday: March 16
  • Blood type : Rh+AB
  • Birth Place: Tokyo

"Maki's song is both daring and delicate." The Yomiuri

Maki Fujimura was born on March 16th in Tokyo, Japan. She started playing the piano at 3 years old and took lessons for 15 years.

People first took notice of her musical talent when she was in kindergarten. She started singing in a band as a lead vocals when she was just 15 years old. Though Maki didn't realize her passion for singing until while studying law abroad at Stanford , she became interested in Gospel music. Upon returning to Japan, Maki started to perform regularly with her collage bandmates. In addition to Gospel music, she was very influenced by Rock and Pop music especially Pink Floyd, Bon Jovi, and the Beatles. While finishing at Keio University, Maki won the best singer award for a 1995 vocal competition in Tokyo and sponsored by Bose.

After graduating, Maki began to teach vocal lessons at a private music school in Takatsuki, Osaka. It was at this time that she began to be interested in Jazz. She started performing at many Jazz clubs and Jazz Festivals in Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe. Her main influences changed from Rock and Pop to Jazz, specifically Dee Dee Bridgewater, Joni Mitchel, and of course Ella Fitzgerald. And Maki has been working as a lecturer of Osaka University Of Art since 2006, ---raising the next generations.

Maki has recently recorded two albums as lead vocals; With Love(2005 Cool Aid Record), and Sincerely (2008 Bluestar Music Japan). Her album, With Love, was the most popular CD at the Osaka Tower Records in 2005. The same year, she performed With Love at Sankei Hall in Osaka to an audeience of 1,400 and press raved about her performance. She was featured in an article called "Someone Who Encourages Osaka" in the Jan. 1st 2006 issue of the Yomiuri newspaper.

Sincerely, her second duo album, is also highly acclaimed by critics for sounding as if it were recorded live.

Besides performing around Kansai region, Maki has frequently toured not only Tokyo but all over Japan. Each jazz bar, jazz restaurant, and jazz club is always filled with to the max.